Welcome to my art website. What you will see here is my body of work over the past 10 years. I began in Florence with Classical/Renaissance art and Portraiture. From there I moved into Figurative/Expressionism and eventually arrived at Abstraction. Although art school was good, I always had my own very strong sense of vision and purpose in my painting. I was encouraged by my teachers to follow this instinct and trust it. The combination of my sense of aesthetic, life experience, emotions, dreams, intuition comes together to create works that are both unpredictable and unrestricted by predetermined goals to stay within a particular genre or style. For this reason you will see that I paint in many different styles and feel that they are all “me”. I never try to paint like someone else. I just paint what inspires me the way I am inspired to paint it in the moment, it’s that simple. I am not fond of over-intellectualizing art or insisting my art be a linear, logical process when it isn’t. I hope that my work will both inspire and move you in some way. Please, stop by my contact page to leave me your feedback/comments and to get on my mailing list if you like.

“Monica Merlitti has been enriching the lives of many people all over the world with her art. Her paintings are full of joy, mystery, magic, and depth. Her work is the fruit of a very full and extraordinary life spent traveling the world. Her spirit is bold, her vision broad. She is a very gifted and natural painter...using whatever means necessary to execute a painting. Not concerned with conventions or inhibited by rules or fear she will often paint straight from the tubes, use her nails, her bare hands and anything else she can find to aid her instinctive expression. Bursting with passion, emotion, a great strength and natural dynamic rhythm, her work enchants and delights the soul. There are many painters, but few true artists. Monica Merlitti is a true artist in every sense of the word.”

Paolo Chelini
Professor of Art, Florence, Italy


Drawings and Sketches



Sculptures and
Mixed Media

Tango and Music